• Ceasar McDowell

Step 6: Take Action

This step makes your action plan actionable. You will review the list of preferred solutions and determine who will be responsible for making them happen. Many different people and organizations may need to be involved in carrying out the solutions. Ideally, this array of possible local action leaders have been involved in the process from the beginning.

Action Items for Organizers

  • Shop local action agenda with individuals and/or organizations who could take a leadership role on one or more solutions identified in step 5. This could be done in individual meetings, or it can be done in an organized event designed to match community members and formal leaders with action items, like a resource fair.

  • Once solution leaders have been identified, share the information with your greater community and let them know how they can be involved.

  • Share with DPF your updated action plan with local solution leaders identified, and identify need for solution leaders at the national level.

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