• Ceasar McDowell

Step 5: Select Solutions

This step involves narrowing the list of possible solutions to a set of solutions that is supported by all local discussion groups. The agreed-upon list may be used as a framework for local action (your action plan) and should be submitted to DPF for possible integration into a national action agenda.

Action Items for Organizers

  • Organize a joint meeting of all existing discussion groups in your community. Set meeting date, time and location, and notify/invite all discussion groups and the greater community.

  • Invite each group to share what they have learned so far, the problem statements they developed, and the list of possible solutions that they brainstormed for each problem statement.

  • Facilitate a process to generate a set of agreed-upon solutions for local action and to be submitted to DPF for possible integration into a national action agenda. Including a set of decision-making criteria in your preferred process is recommended.

  • Submit framework for action (initial action plan) to DPF.

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