• Ceasar McDowell

Step 2: Explore & Select Questions

In this step, you will gather community members together to explore all questions donated from your community, organize them by themes and build shared understanding of them through each participant's personal experiences related to the questions.

Action Items for Organizers

  • Organize one or more events to explore the questions. Set a date, time and location, and invite a diverse group of participants.

  • Prepare question cards - one question per card - that can be used in the event to sort each question into groups of similar questions by themes and sub-themes.

  • Provide opportunities for participants to explore each set of questions, sharing how they each understand the questions and their own experiences that relate to them.

  • Have each group refine each set of questions by theme to arrive at a few powerful questions for each theme.

  • Invite participants to share and come to agreement on the powerful questions that they want to explore further in this process.

  • Submit refined set of powerful questions to DPF for inclusion in the national conversation.

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