• Ceasar McDowell

Step 1: Raise Questions

In this first step, we want to hear questions from as many people as possible - from all walks of life - in response to this prompt: What is your question about the future of democracy in America?

Action Items for Organizers

Individuals and organizations that will be working together to have conversations on the most common questions on people's hearts and minds can launch their campaigns very simply:

  • Choose a variety of ways to invite people in your community to donate their questions: on your social media sites, through your email lists, during existing meetings, signs posted in common gathering areas, etc.

  • Determine ways that people can share their questions: post to the DPF website, send to a designated email address, post on social media, call a contact person, write on a wall in your lobby, write on flip charts during an event, etc.

  • Set up an Excel file or other type of document to store any questions you receive directly (those not donated directly to the DPF website).

  • Invite people in your community to donate their questions.

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