Collect Questions

Our questions about the future of democracy in America will be used to frame the conversation that will help us to define a path forward. Effectively, every American has the power to set the agenda – power usually reserved for elected officials and executives. This approach will ensure that we are having the conversation that We the People truly need to have.


We are inviting people to donate their questions now, step 1 of America’s Path Forward, to demonstrate the power of this approach and to begin to uncover the issues on Americans’ hearts and minds that need to be addressed in order to mend our fractured nation and strengthen America’s future. 


You can help collect questions from your community and networks.

Here are some ways you might take part:

  Send a blast email. You can invite people to donate their questions very simply via an email blast to people in your networks. Just give them the link to the donate questions page of this website.   
Post on social media. Send a tweet, post on your Facebook page or use whatever social media platform that you prefer. Again, simply ask, “What’s your question about the future of democracy in America?” and include the link to the donate questions page of this website.  
 Collect questions at an event with pictures or video. Set up an event table or wander the crowd, inviting people to donate their questions on camera. Ask them to state their name, zip code and question verbally if recording on video, or give them a whiteboard to write their question and zip code on it. You can email these pictures and/or videos to us to share on the website and to make sure they are included in the conversation.  
Invite people to write their questions on a wall in your organization’s common areas. Be sure to ask them to include their zip code if there are multiple zip codes in your area. You can take a picture of the questions (with zip codes) or type them up and email them to us to include with others gathered on this site, or you can just enter them on the site yourself.  
Share simple flyers. Be creative with this, or go simple by creating “business cards” with the question on one side and the web address for donating questions to this site.  

What other ideas do you have? Feel free to be creative. Have fun! 


We only ask that you follow three important guidelines in whatever you do:


1.    Invite questions from a diverse array of participants. 

2.    Collect zip codes along with questions, so they can be included in your community’s conversation down the road.

3.    Share the questions you collect with us – on this website or via email – to inform the national conversation.